The Silicia Incubator has several new startups

Silicia Inkubatoren har flere nye bedrifter

Silicia has taken in several new companies in the incubator lately. The incubator has expanded its area and thus accommodates more businesses. It's good that there are individuals who start a new business to add value to society and create new jobs.

The new companies are:

ff rollerskis

FF Rollerskis

They develop a new type of rollerskis that provides a more real-world ski experience. The rollerskis have a unique V-track, which gives the feeling of walking in the ski slope on the asphalt.



They develop and install display systems for automated buildings. Their goal is to provide automated operators with an intuitive, unified user interface for all their installations through one login, via any device. This to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, simplify operation and enable settings.



They will apply different techniques, systems and methods to work with health improvement towards children and young people in the community. The health improvement will focus on children's physical activity level, diet and health. The children's mastering level and motivation are the main principles that this business follows.



They are a digital consultancy and marketing agency with expertise in inbound marketing, digital distribution, conversion optimization and video. They deliever tailor-made solutions, as well as implement and automate marketing.

hope solutions

Hope Solutions

They offer electromechanical product development services. The services offered can be: - Technical advice related to processes from idea to product, as well as within qualification / certification. - System engineering including technology search and preparation of function and requirements specifications. - Mechanical construction including 3D cad. - Circuit board outlay. - Software development. - Development of test systems.

So far in 2018, 44 companies have been in Silicia's incubator. It is a slight growth from 2017. Based on the market economy, like less unemployment, it is great to see that it is people that are committed to start new businesses. We need more jobs for years to come, and we depend on startup businesses with ambitions and potential for growth.

If you, who reads this, happen to have an idea or maybe already have started a business concept with technology as a basic element - read about our offer by clicking this link and contact us for a meeting 🙂

Silicia is present to help businesses reach their potential.

Read more about Silicia on their website here

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