Techni received European Water Innovation Award

Techni mottok European Water Innovation Award

The Horten based company TECHNI, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in R & D and innovation, received yesterday 13th of June. European Water Innovation Award 2018 in Brussels. The company has developed a robot-based drilling and coupling system that eliminates the need to use excavators for new start-up or replacement for old worn out pipes. The solution reduces costs by up to 40 percent and significantly reduces environmental footprint. "We are proud and humble to help reduce noise and traffic congestion in residential areas, while at the same time important infrastructure can be renewed much cheaper. The rate of upgrading of people's water pipes can now be significantly increased and will also lead to health gains, "says CEO Dag Almar Hansen on behalf of the project. "The team behind this is initially established by the Water and Drainage Division in Oslo Municipality, and it is the one who will be honored to have seen the possibilities and dare to use this technology based on a concept we in TECHNI started to develop in oil industry. With support in the state's new system for Innovative Public Procurement and Partner Hawle Water Technology, the concept has been tested and has proven to be high in urban areas as well. TECHNI is now seeking to develop the system adapted to the needs of the oil industry again and hopes to get a product and service established within a few years. At the same time, work is underway to develop similar solutions for use in waste disposal, fiber placement, infrastructure digitization and maintenance robots in adjacent sectors.

"It is very special to receive this award in Brussels, one of the cities with street bridges in many parts of the city's historic district. Grand Place or Grote Markt is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. One might imagine the whole Grand Place dug up and full of excavators and open dikes. It is also to take care of the historical areas that this technology now exists, "says Hansen on behalf of the entire TECHNI. "Now we are SHOOTED and will celebrate this with cake."

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