COMS 2018

COMS 2018

COMS er verdens fremste konferanse og møteplass innen kommersialisering av morgendagens løsninger (COMS – Commercialisation of Emerging Technologies).

Årets konferanse finner sted i Geneve 24.-26. september.

Tema for konferansen inkluderer:

  • Customized Manufacturing – smart factories, industry specific examples
  • New Manufacturing Processes – additive fabrication, new materials
  • Sensor Systems – new sensor devices, connectivity, data analytics, environmental and infrastructure monitoring
  • Digital Health & Mobile Health – genomics, personal diagnostics
  • Future of Robotics / Cobots – process automation, human-machine interface, AR
  • Smart Networks – smart cities, autonomous transportation, drone networks, new software
  • The Emerging Technology Commercialization Marketplace – exponential companies, new funding approaches, roadmapping and forecasting
  • Barriers to Commercialization – security, lessons learned, regulatory environment, sustaining growth

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